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This is Why: Mat Kestle

Marketing Applicant


Describe yourself.
My name is Mat. I’m originally from Vancouver, but have been lucky enough to call Salt Lake City home for the last 20 years. I enjoy spending my time outside seeking adventure with friends, shooting photos, and drinking hoppy IPAs. I’m optimistic and energetic while also being solution-oriented, level-headed, and organized inside and out of the office.

Social rider or lone wolf?
Social. My dad introduced me to mountain biking and taught me to ride on local trails such as the Wasatch Crest (below) and Shoreline (also below) in Utah. Today, my friends help me improve. Our bikes have taken us all around the continent, ranging from our own backyard in Utah, all the way up into beautiful British Columbia. No matter where we go, we enjoy the solace of the outdoors and thrill of exploring new trails together.

Why Canyon?
When I caught wind that Canyon was launching operations in the US, my immediate reaction was, “They’re going to kill it here.” I am excited about the opportunity to work for a well established brand entering a new market. Riding the success of the Canyon brand and introducing it into the US will be no small feat, but it is also an exciting challenge. I believe that Canyon will be very successful in the US by continuing to follow the DTC business model.

The introduction of the Canyon Factory Downhill team in January is what initially got me stoked on the brand. Combining top athletes such as Troy Brosnan and Mark Wallace with a technology-driven approach to product design results in amazing equipment. From the feedback I’ve gathered on Canyon bikes, it shows. I’m excited to see what comes of the team this season and how they support the launch into the US.

I was also inspired by the This is Why campaign. By utilizing Canyon employees to tell an approachable, consumer-friendly story, while also maintaining their expertise in the industry is an excellent approach to creating trust and brand loyalty. The post-work smash is something that we are all too familiar with at my house.

 Thomas Genon at Redbull Joyride

Thomas Genon at Redbull Joyride

What job do you see yourself in at Canyon?
Depending on the layout of the new marketing team, I’ve suggested a couple of areas that I would excel at within Canyon:

Content Producer - The Content Producer will be responsible for coordinating the creative production process and implementation of content across all platforms. This person will be able to manage the many different aspects of content production: budget, sourcing, briefing, and feedback. Their responsibilities may include:

  • Collaboration with marketing, product development, and other key internal parties to develop and execute engaging content to support product launches and marketing campaigns
  • Establishment digital photography workflow, digital asset management system, and distribution of digital assets
  • Create photo and video briefs for seasonal campaigns as well as an assigned set of general product categories
  • Managing photographer outreach, assigning photo shoots, coordinating shoots with Canyon team members, receiving, and editing submissions.

Marketing Coordinator/Project Manager - The Marketing Coordinator/Project Manager will assist the marketing team in planning, executing, and analysis of marketing initiatives. They will serve as a coordinator to the many moving pieces that make our marketing projects come to life. Their responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

  • Produce and manage project calendar creation and management, scheduling internal and external meetings, managing meeting preparation and support with execution.
  • Conduct regular project status meetings with all key parties
  • Communicate regularly with project leads on all key issues and project deliverables
  • Bring a collaborative, multi-faceted approach to design, problem solving and production.
  • Work with management to define and execute on new product launch strategies

Why do you ride?
I ride to enjoy time with my friends, get exercise, and to explore the outdoors. Of course I love the adrenaline rush, but nothing really compares to a good sunset ride with a group of friends followed by a cold beer.

Describe your riding style.
Trying to chase down friends who are much faster than me. My favorite trail is Full Nelson in Squamish, which embodies my favorite type of riding. Flowy, fast, and fun. Additionally, I enjoy singletrack high up on a ridge looking out over the mountains.

Any last words?
I am confident that I would bring value to Canyon upon joining, and I would be stoked if you explored the rest of my website to read about the projects I am most proud of. You can also see my photography portfolio and catch a glimpse of my creative work. I look forward to hearing from you!